Jessy Savage Is the 2023 Digital Marketing Campaign’s New Public Face

Jessy Savage Is the 2023 Digital Marketing Campaign's New Public Face

Savage has spent the vast majority of her working life in advertising, beginning with a job doing graphic design after school when she was a teenager and creating her first websites when she was in elementary school. For Savage, it’s “makes sense” to pursue a career in digital marketing.

Jessy’s one-on-one service guarantees that every client receives a strategy for advertising that is specifically designed for their company and budget.

She elaborates, “No two businesses are the same and no two people are the same, so you can’t really have a blanket approach to a marketing strategy.”

Even if two customers run the same company, they will have different requirements.

Savage has built a solid reputation for herself both online and in her community thanks to her commitment to ethical marketing practises and her dedication to transparency and accountability with her clientele. The company’s foundation is based on the principles of over-delivering on promises, setting reasonable goals, and using sustainable growth practises.

In today’s information age, it’s crucial for companies to establish a credible online identity that accurately represents their product or service. Savage offers a wide range of digital advertising options for businesses, such as website creation, SEO, social media management, local SEO, paid advertisements, and more. Savage has reframed her company as a group of specialists in the field of digital marketing as of the year 2023.


“VDM is very interesting because it expands people’s horizons. We’ve assembled a fantastic group of strategists, designers, web developers, and brilliant creative thinkers to provide our clients with an outstanding experience in handling their companies’ online profiles.” According to Savage, “In addition, we make room in our schedules to encourage our staff’s growth and development through training and education. We capitalise on our strengths to achieve optimal results.”

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Savage has applied the same strategies to VDM that made her successful as a sole proprietor.

“Both the outcomes and the connections with our customers are our top priorities. There’s no changing that. Our team’s dedication, productivity, and overall enjoyment of working at VDM is due in large part to our open lines of communication, streamlined processes, and well-developed internal strategy. No one leaves us. And we can give each of our customers a one-of-a-kind service that emphasises the complementary nature of our companies, steady and mutual expansion, and enduring partnerships.”

Savage has worked with clients all over Canada, including those in Victoria, Vancouver, Kelowna, Calgary, Edmonton, Regina, and on the web with e-commerce businesses. Savage’s “We will not compete with ourselves” mantra is a cornerstone of the company’s approach to business. Savage and VDM’s client database is restricted to a single geographic area, single field of business activity, and single company out of respect for their clients’ privacy and Savage and VDM’s commitment to ethical marketing practises.

She explains that it is unethical to take on two competing clients and promise them the same results. “When I have a competitor in my client database, I have turned down inquiries and will continue to recommend other agencies and freelancers.”

Savage plans to use his newly acquired recognition from Csek Creative/Now Media to reinvest his time and energy into revitalising the local and national tourism industries in Victoria and Vancouver. This entrepreneur in Victoria is eager to put her years of experience to use by assisting local businesses in making the transition to a digital presence and increasing their sales, exposure, and more through strategic web design and overall advertising strategies.

Savage has clients all over Canada, and they offer prospective clients a free website audit and strategy to get them started with their digital marketing efforts.

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